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You love your artificial grass and your pets love to use it also.

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Synthetic Turf Disinfecting and Deodorizing

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Residential Artificial Grass Cleaning Services

Have you been wishing things would go back to the way they were?

Before your yard smelled like your pets’ personal latrine?

Our unique artificial grass cleaning service in Gilbert, AZ is designed to eliminate the odor at its source. By sanitizing before applying our enzyme we ensure long-lasting freshness. Our product won’t wash away in the rain. We only use plant-based products that are safe for pets. 

Step 1- Blow off the turf with a backpack blower

Step 2- Apply urine luck/ sanitize/ flush

Step 3- Wait for urine luck from Pet Solutions to dry

Step 4- Apply our patented enzyme treatment for artificial grass

Step 5- This service is guaranteed for thirty days *

*based on a two-dog household with a medium breed.


Spot Check Monthly Service


Sometimes you just want a full-service Turf cleaning. You don’t want to have to go through the effort of spraying your turf or wondering if you sprayed enough in the right area. We understand. We provide a monthly service where we concentrate on the high use areas using our odor decoder blacklight to identify and eliminate the odor at its source. 

The first step is to apply our urine luck treatment to sanitize your turf. This also eliminates any existing bacteria as well as flushes out your turf’s drainage system. After that, we apply our enzyme treatment liberally to the high use areas in your yard to ensure your artificial grass is cleaned. All of our artificial grass cleaning products are pet safe, kid-safe, biodegradable, plant-based products. Most importantly, our products work!

We will create a custom plan to maintain a fresh, clean, artificial grass yard for you with zero effort on your part. If you have family gatherings BBQs or events, we are willing to be flexible on our visit dates so you can show off your fresh new artificial grass yard.

At Pet Solutions artificial grass cleaning service and products in Gilbert, AZ we have a patented wand designed to inject our artificial grass cleaning solution deep into your synthetic turf’s infill without disturbing it. (That’s a big difference from a pressure washer, which blasts all the infill out.)

We offer a full-service Spot Check plans which include full artificial grass cleaning and sanitization as well as deodorization of your stinky turf. Just pick a regular visit time and we will refresh your synthetic turf every month. Your initial flush and artificial grass cleaning will push all of the existing bacteria through your artificial turf’s intended drainage system. Our job is to augment the existing drainage technology of your synthetic turf. What makes us unique is our two-step artificial grass cleaning process. 

A lot of popular, although ineffective, remedies on the market today involve applying an artificial grass cleaning product to a bacteria-filled environment. This leaves the product outnumbered by bacteria and severely reduces the chance of effectiveness.

With our Urine Luck turf sanitizer, you can rest assured that you are taking precautions against parvovirus, ticks, fleas, and dangerous bacteria. 

Now that you’ve had your lawn sanitized, you’re ready for step two:

PET Enzyme Treatment. Our artificial grass cleaning enzymes are specially formulated to be heat and chemical resistant,  they also won’t wash away in a rainstorm. 

Most people think that a rainstorm or monsoon would wash away their artificial grass cleaning enzyme treatment. In fact, our enzymes do even better when moisture is introduced to your yard.

Why use Pet Solutions in Gilbert, AZ for an initial Artificial Grass Cleaning Visit?

Our patented artificial grass cleaning wand is designed to apply a high volume of water/solution mix. This, combined with the weighted roller allows our solution to flush your turf and infill out while maintaining a smooth, clean look. 

Once you’ve had your initial visit, you can subscribe to our Bottle Service or Spot Check plans. Pet Solutions Bottle Service is a quick, easy way to have our products delivered right to your home or office on a recurring schedule. We can customize your order according to the size of your yard. If you’d rather have a monthly full-service visit, Spot Check is perfect for you. 

With our patented flushing wand, we ensure the rejuvenation of your turf, but that is merely an aesthetic solution. The most important function of our design is the rejuvenation of your turf’s drainage system. This allows your turf to function as it was intended when it was installed. Once we complete our initial flush and sanitization, it’s super easy to maintain with our d.i.y. spray bottles. 

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"Scott came out to spray our yard and we could tell that evening that the urine smell was gone! Thanks so much for great service and getting the job done!"

Melissa G. - Realtor