P.E.T Enzyme

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P.E.T Enzyme is a turf cleaning treatment solution that is blended with citronella. Each quart of P.E.T Enzyme contains a 50 billion bacterial colony which equates to 50 billion little Pac-Mans that liquefy, digest, and destroy urine. Eliminate cat and dog urine. Say goodbye to that awful smell as you neutralize the odor. Simply attach to your hose and smell relief.  Nature-Friendly, Biodegradable, non-toxic and safe.



What are the benefits over other enzyme cleaners?

Cleans urine stains better and faster on porous surfaces such as rock and stone. Because we do not have constraints that enzyme-based cleaners do, we can include ingredients such as natural oxygen-based antimicrobials, and an acidic pH. Keeping the turf at a lower pH will not affect the silica or Zeolite based infills designed for pets.   

What causes urine to smell?

Urine is composed of waste products including urea, uric acid, sodium chloride (salt), excess water and other waste. The immediate odor from urine comes from bacteria that feed on urine. Uric acid crystals (crystalized urine residue) often remain in porous surfaces and will emit an “ammonia” odor with time. Humid conditions or wetting the surface can also reactivate the odor. By using an antimicrobial it naturally kills the odor-causing bacteria which eliminates the odor flare-ups that happen when the turf gets wet.   

Why our process works 

_ With the ability to inject our antimicrobial directly into the turf we are not only disinfecting the surface we are also flushing the odor-causing contaminants from the infill and allowing the drainage system to work. By having the infill flushed clean the antimicrobial also treats underneath the turf backing. This is why most products fail they simply don’t have the ability to treat all the way through.   

Is a monthly service necessary? 

_ Once you have had your turf (and other surfaces) properly treated and flushed it is important to keep it fresh. As contaminates are introduced to the turf it is absorbed into the infill and dries. This process is repeated over and over until we are back to a smelly turf. The monthly treatments allow us to introduce an antimicrobial that neutralizes the bacteria that is being held in the infill.    Will this hurt my pets or plants? No! From our oxygen-based flushing agent to our monthly maintenance (P.E.T.) our products are biodegradable and non-toxic. You can rest easy knowing that your loved ones are safe and free to play without worry.   

Will this wash away?

_ As all products can be diluted with water, normal water and rain will just drive the enzymes or antimicrobial down through the infill and through the drainage holes. This is not a bad thing it helps keep the freshness cycle moving forward! This is another reason that a monthly maintenance plan is encouraged.   

Can I Treat it myself?

_   YES. With our 2 part treatment system, Step 1 is an antimicrobial treatment. Once Step 1 has been applied and allowed to dry completely Step 2 (the enzyme step) can be used on a regular basis to maintain freshness.   

What is the TURF product? 

_ Turf is Amazing! By using all-natural granules infused with enzymes and Citronella the application will not only help eliminate bacteria that is flushed through to the bottom of the turf but also discourages insects from moving in with the power of Citronella keeping your yard smelling nice without using synthetic smells. Our natural citronella smell actually has a function


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